My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: Hearts Of Ice

Hearts Of Ice part 1 and 2 are episodes three and four of the Mistletoe Murders podcast. If you’re interested in reading about the first two episodes than here’s, My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: The Cookie Crumbles, Will You Love It Too. Between the voice acting and the story-line I’m hooked! Read on to find out more about My Podcast Review Of Mistletoe Murders: Hearts Of Ice.

I will say that there is some colorful language in these two episodes. While the act of murdering someone doesn’t happen within “view” there is some imagery that some people might find.. troubling. The first 2 episodes act more like a cozy mystery. But the rest follow more of a cross between a cozy and a mystery thriller.

Mistletoe Murders: Hearts Of Ice podcast summary

Everything is going well at the annual town skate night. Emily is skating with Sam when suddenly there is a commotion. Everyone is shocked to see a body suspended in the ice.
The next day, Emily finds out who the victim is, Brett Slater a local bad boy. The story is that Brett left on labor day and everyone thought he just never came back.
But, if he didn’t intend on coming back, why did he special order a crystal Christmas ornament just before labor day weekend at “Under The Mistletoe”? Emily has been holding the order since it came in, but now she’s on a mission to find out who the someone special he bought the pricey ornament for is. So it can go to the intended recipient.
Emily is surprised to hear as she starts investigating that very few people seem to care about the young man’s passing. He was known for getting into trouble as a high schooler and apparently the town remembered. He had a reputation as a player too, since there were two girls that he’d been bouncing back and forth between since high-school.

Could one of them be the owner of the ornament? Emily, is going to find out if it kills her… and if she’s right in thinking that Brett’s death wasn’t an accident.. it just might.

My Review Of the Mistletoe Murders: Hearts Of Ice podcast

This is a mystery that I definitely wouldn’t want to miss. Emily is clearly some sort of a sleuth with training. But what kind of training is anyone’s guess. She is amazingly good at not giving too much away. But it’s becoming very obvious to me that she was some sort of investigator in her previous life. I’m wondering if this is a witness protection thing.. but it definitely seems like she was a police officer at the very least. But I feel like she was a higher authority than that. She knows police protocol way too well. My other theory is that her partner turned on her. Because why else does she refer to people finding out about her past as a disaster? Or everything coming crashing down if they found out?

There is definitely more than meets the eye to Emily, but I give Detective-Constable Sam Wilner points for not asking all the questions I want to. I can see their romance starting to bloom, I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer before there is a date… although I don’t know how long the relationship will last if she can’t tell him about her past.

Unfortunately, these episodes don’t reveal where Emily came from either.. but I’m definitely ready to listen to the next ones.. how about you?

Where to get it

This is an Audible Original, so the only place to find it right now is on Audible.

The good news is, if you’re already a Premium plus member, than it’s included in your membership! If you’re not, than I think it’s $7.98 a month. But you could easily binge watch all 6 episodes in a month.. I did it in about a week 👀. If you’ve never had audible before there is usually a free trial that you can sign up for. But I warn you, I started on the free trial.. and that was 4 years ago.

Here’s the link:

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