How To Make The In The Round Diamond Mesh Stitch

If you liked the Diamond Mesh stitch in rows, then you’ll love this in the round version! This stitch pattern is awesome for just about any decor you favor and because it’s amazingly easy to make, it can work for any skill level. How easy? Let’s find out.

What’s The Stitch?

Hold on to your hat because this is a 1 row repeat that isn’t a yarn eater! It’s like seeing a unicorn isn’t it? the stitch is made up of the same 3 stitches as the in rows version, double crochets, chains, and single crochets. If you’re looking for a lovely open work stitch that gives a lacy look to your project without much hassle, you found it. Because it’s in the round, this version has a lot of potential for holders, bags and clothing.


There’s a few way to start this stitch, the first is with a looped chain like this pattern shows. It’s good for head bands, shirts, sleeves, a skirt, a scrunchy cover, finger-less gloves, a shawl, etc.

The other way to start this stitch, is to crochet a circle as a base and make the sides the mesh pattern. You would make your base to the right size for the project and then work up using this pattern. That would be a great way to make yoga mat bags, plant holders, plastic bag holders, a beach bag, bottle holders, and the like.


  • Any worsted weight yarn
    • I used peaches & creme 100% cotton in Mint
  • K/6.5mm Hook
  • Snips
  • Yarn or tapestry needle


  • Sc = single crochet
  • Ch = chain
  • Dc = Double crochet
  • Slst = slip stitch
  • St = stitch

Diamond Mesh Stitch In The Round

This stitch is worked in multiples of 4.

Foundation row. Ch 28, slst into the first st so that it’s a ring.

Round 1. Ch 1, sc in the same st, *ch 5, sk 3 chs, sc in the 4 th st,* repeat until you come to the end of the round, ch 2, then make a dc in the very first sc of the round.

Round 2 of the in the round diamond mesh stitch

Round 2. Ch 1, sc in the top of the dc from the previous round, *ch 5, sc in the center of the ch 5 from the previous round,* repeat until you come to the end of the round, ch 2, then put a dc in the very first sc of the round.

Round 3-8. Repeat round 2.

rounds 3-8 of the diamond mesh stitch in the round

Weaving in the ends of the Diamond mesh stitch

Snip a 6 inch tail, tie off your work, and weave in the ends using a yarn or tapestry needle. I would suggest weaving them in using a zig zag pattern so it doesn’t come loose.

That’s it, it’s really that simple to do and once you get it going, you’ll breeze right through! (I’m a poet…I didn’t know it… wasn’t on purpose.) Anyway, what do you want to make with this stitch?

Want to add decreases or increases? Then this post is for you: How To: Decrease & Increase The Diamond Mesh Stitch.

Oh and here’s the chart for it, if you work from those better.

In the round diamond mesh stitch chart
The in the round diamond mesh stitch chart

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