10 Relatable Crochet Jokes

What’s better than a funny meme? A funny crochet meme of course! Add relatability and I’ll be rotfl with the best of them. I made a few jokes/memes and decided to make a compilation of them for your laughing pleasure.

So, here we go..

1. The real reason we want closet space.

2. You know it’s true…

3. Don’t underestimate us.

4. The fairytale…

5. There are worse addictions than yarn.

6. We are the rebels and the risk takers

7. Now the song is stuck in my head…

8. What’s yours?

9. Sometimes they’re pointy hooks

10. I’m packin’ heat

That’s all for now, did you laugh? Chuckle? Groan and roll your eyes? Let me know in the comments which was your favorite!

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