Inktober 2019 Did I Do It?

It’s October 31st, Happy Halloween! It’s also the last day of Inktober and to be completely honest, I’ve wanted to quit a few times. I got a bit a lot behind again and I felt like I had no time to work on the drawings…And a bit restricted by the medium. I made it to day 20 last year and my goal was to at least make it further than that.

It’s been very tough and tiring, but this has been a very good example to myself that if I put my mind to it, and make art a priority, I do have time for it. Which I suppose is the point of Inktober. It doesn’t mean I didn’t having doubts though.. So did I do it? Did I finish all 31 days?

Let’s find out…

Day 19 Nesting Dolls

I don’t normally do fan art, but once I thought of this idea I couldn’t not make it. This is one of my favorite movies and it was really fun to make! Plus, look how cute Oogie is! I used Faber-Castell Pitt pens and Bombay India ink.

Day 20 Owl Be Here

I was really happy with the sketch of this one, but had no idea if I could pull it off. It had a really long hot mess stage, but I like how it turned out. One of those times pushing through paid off. I used Pitt pens, Bombay India ink of various colors, and a white Signo gel pen.

Day 21 Door To Another World

My concept was a door to another world, I was hoping for fantastical. However this is definitely one I’d like a redo on.. I was trying to place things so that it was obvious it was bigger on the inside, but it kinda looks like I don’t understand perspective. I think how small the shed is makes it seem cramped. I used Bombay India ink, a white Signo, and a few Faber-Castell Pitt pen.

Day 22 Silhouette

This one was quite fun, I was thinking of Jane Eyre when I did it. The first time I read the book, I borrowed it from the library and it had this silhouette on it. I love the way the hair tendrils came out. I used a SB Faber-Castell Pitt pen.

Day 23 The Hunt

Grab your magnifying glasses and join the hunt! There are 12 hidden Items in this picture, can you find them all? I used the Faber-Castell XS Pitt pen…so much grass.

Day 24 Sky Whales

They’re playing in the clouds like it’s water and looking adorable. This is probably one of my favorites, I had the idea for this one last year, I’m glad I got to try it again. I used Bombay India ink of various colors.

Day 25 The Scarecrow

He was fun to make, I think I was thinking about the scarecrow from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m particularly happy with the straw. I used Bombay India ink and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.

Day 26 Intruder

I really love the silhouette look and the limited colors on this one. It’s a bit whimsical and it raises a lot of questions in my mind.. Who or what broke the window? Is it an animal? Who’s blood is it? I used Faber-Castell Pitt pens and a red micron pen.

Day 27 Mushrooms

Despite my best efforts I have no idea what type of mushroom this is, if you know please comment! It was fun to draw though. I went off script with the last few days because I wanted to draw, but was feeling kind of restricted, my pastels are calling to me. So I went through some of my reference photos and found some that I’ve been excited to do. I used Bombay India ink.

Day 28 More Mushrooms

Baorangia bicolor or the two colored bolete mushroom, It’s edible surprisingly enough. The underside was very tricky, it looks like a sponge or possibly foam. The texture on this was insane and it took a lot of layering. I used Bombay India ink, Pitt pens, a number 6 round brush, and a toothbrush.

Day 29 Even More Mushrooms

The Russula mushroom or Rosy Brittlegill, I thought for sure it was poisonous, but it’s edible..who knew. It’s a bit quirky and I love it! The layers on this were many. I think it’s only the last 10 days or so that I realized that this kind of ink takes to layering as well as watercolor effects and glazing. I used Bombay India ink and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.

Day 30 Do You See A Trend?

Laccaria amethystina, known as the amethyst deceiver it’s a beautiful purple color, and is also edible. My love for purple compels me to say it’s my favorite of the mushroom group. I used Bombay India ink, a white Signo, and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.

Day 31 Trend Broken

This was a fun one, it’s a little splashy, but still detailed. This is a crow in flight, it almost looks like a silhouette, but that’s really what they look like and I couldn’t see any defining features of the face. I used Black Star matte India ink.

I did it!!! I can’t believe it! It was extremely difficult and there was so many times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. However I was so close that I had to push through. I’m so happy I finished.