Day 6 drooling and deity of the underworld

Okay, so I had absolutely no idea who I was going to pick. Obviously my initial thought was Hades, but it’s been done enough.

So, after much research and many ideas, (mind you this was Saturday and I was busy pretty much all day!) the plan was to sketch it and then try to make it home in time to ink it!

That was not what happened…

My first plan was to go with Santa Muerte a Mexican deity, but the word drooling kind of made me second guess it. Skeletons don’t generally drool and that’s basically what she looks like…

New mission! Find a deity of the underworld that either had something that drooled or did drool. Immediately thought of Anubis, but the next day prompt was Egyptian deity and I really wanted to do Anubis.. since I didn’t want to do it twice I decided I need to come up with somebody else.

Ultimately I went for Hel the Norse goddess of the underworld daughter, of Loki, overall pain in the butt.

I chose her specifically because she had a wolf that could be drooling well after about 8 hours of sketching and much erasing. I had a wolf which was going to be my main focus, but I now had really no room for the goddess…

I decided to make it the Hall of Hel instead of Hel herself that may technically be against the rules, but it made sense to me so… yeah.

The floor was fun though!

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