Greetings all, and welcome to Magic Owl Studios!

Art has been my passion since I was 5 years old and stories influenced me long before that. Art is powerful tool and I love making things that have a story.

I’m a fiber artist, I make my own crochet patterns and have tutorials on various stitches and patterns with loads of pictures!

I post about my over all art journey as well, my three latest posts can be found in What’s New.

If you want to read about ways to improve your art or reviews and comparisons on art and crochet supplies that’s where you’ll find it. I also post progress on art challenges, like Inktober.

I might do some shameless plugging from time to time for my etsy shop. Speaking of which… I’m working on getting physical prints, but for now all of my art prints are high quality instant downloads that you can print yourself! (It’s a jpeg so you can do them at Walmart or Walgreens too.)

I make physical crocheted items, like my tuffles, and jewelry that I wear myself. I decided to make what I like since I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you want to see what any of them look like, check out My Creations!

If you love stories, the fantastical, magical creatures, crochet, art, dark beauty, purple, or owls then welcome to my studio, you’ll fit right in.

Check out my social media where you can keep in touch with me and check out up coming posts!