Day 15 (half way there!) Weak

Mercifully mythtober gave me a free draw!

this really gave me a sigh of relief, however I was used to incorporating two different words… one giving me the overall tone and the other one giving me the subject matter.

The word is weak and that could mean so many different things, but I decided to stick with the mythical theme and I Incorporated two things that could be seen as weak.

Now obviously, the first thing that you notice when you look at this is probably the little tiny bird. It is in fact a baby Phoenix that has just been reborn from its own ashes, instead of just making a pile of ashes though, I decided to go with embers..

Still burning embers that are also something that can be frighteningly weak. Is it going to fade or is it going to burst into flames?

I wanted to go for things that are seemingly weak more so, than actually “weak” as I believe that weakness is in the mind. Whether you are perceiving something else as such or feeling it weakness, is just strength waiting to be discovered.

Also, I can’t believe I’m halfway through!

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