Day 7 Egyptian deity and exhaustion


Not so much, I was still 3 drawings behind they were all sketched, but I still hadn’t ink them. When I say sketch them I mean that on the 7th of October I finally finished catching up on some of the previous wasn’t actually till the 8th of October that I was able to sketch and ink this one.

Trust me when I say I was not going in succession, I still hadn’t done four of them on day eight!

The prompt was exhaustion, but I can tell you right now that it was also something I was feeling…

I’m not whining, I promise I’m more telling you where I was at this point because 31 day challenges are actually really, really, hard! R

Especially when you’re not planning to do them until the last minute. In the future, I would definitely plan to set aside time, instead of just kind of hoping I have the time.

One of the reasons I didn’t just throw in the towel was my husband, he knew how much I wanted to do it and didn’t want to see me quit. The second was I was really happy with how a lot of them are coming out.

I feel like I’m getting more out of it than just sketching everyday, the process of actually finishing each drawing is making me grow as an artist more quickly than any else has.

Any way, this is Anubis sleeping lol.

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