Day 4 Medusa and spell

Medusa’s Longing by Becka Hons

The concept for this one eluded me longer then I thought it would.

I’m not necessarily an artist that likes just slapping things together and calling it a day. I would really do like there to be a point some sort, an underlying story if you will.

I was also kind of struggling with the fact that my first thought when I saw Medusa was jellyfish, because jellyfish are called medusas.

I was really unsure how to incorporate the word spell… I then had the idea of merging both kinds of Medusas!

I’m hoping that I conveyed a feeling of wistfulness from Medusa herself this Gorgan that used to be a beautiful woman casting a spell to see jellyfish (they are actually called sea jellies) which share her name in biological nomenclature.

In my mind her look is wistfully because she’s admiring the beauty of these dangerous creatures. Many people are afraid of them, but they still find them beautiful.

Yet she, another dangerous creature is shunned and feared by everyone because of her dangerousness and is considered ugly on top of it.
Medusa in some mythes is the only Gorgon to have serpents in her hair. This was because to Athena cursed her. Medusa had copulated with Poseidon in a one of Athena’s temples after he was aroused by her golden hair. Athena then changed the enticing golden locks into serpents as punishment for the disrespect.

I really hope that I captured from her features that before she was turned, she was in fact, very beautiful and she’s not looking at the jellyfish in jealousy, just admiration that something so dangerous can still be hauntingly beautiful and not feared by everyone who sees them.

On a happier note, many places used the depiction of Medusa as a form of protection, to ward off evil.

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